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Varaha Mihira
3 min readJun 25, 2021

Dear friends,

Thanks for your liking of my blog and writings. I would like to share a fantastic news with you. I have published two books with title “In search of Jyotish”. If you are interested, you can purchase them from here:

If you are in India, you can purchase them here:

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The first volume is an Introduction to Jyotish

Jyotish is the ancient science of deciphering the essential uniformity of principles that guide the celestial bodies and the events in the world. Because of these unified principles, what happens in this world can be deciphered from what happens in the heavenly world. The movement of Grahas or Grahas, as they are called in Sanskrit, provides for a unified language used for deciphering the occurrences of this world, including the matters concerning humans, animals, plants, weather and nations.

This is an exciting subject of associating the symbols of nature to the occurrences of mundane events or human affairs; however, it is exceedingly vast. To be able to cover the expansive vistas of this subject, one must undertake a structured approach, which covers several areas of Jyotish, including Ganita, Samhita and Hora. The Ganita deals with the mathematical or astronomical aspect of this subject, the Samhita deals with the mundane elements such as weather forecasting, earthquakes, rainfall etc., and the Hora deals with the judgement of the Kundalis of individuals. This book introduces the subject.

The second volume is on Karakatvas

Jyotish is an interplay of symbols embedded into the discipline in the form of Significations or Karakatavas. The primary building blocks in Jyotish are the Grahas, Rashis and Bhava. The Rashis are further subdivided into the Nakshatras and the Vargas. Each of these elements has a set of symbols associated with it. From the interplay of these symbols, we derive specific meanings in real life. For instance, one of the symbols of Surya is the father, and likewise, the father is seen from the 9th house, also called the Dharma Bhava or the Pitribhava. The Karakas are also defined based on the degrees of the Grahas, in a scheme known as Charakarakas. It is from Surya, the Chara Pitrikaraka and the 9th house, we decipher everything about the father.

The Karakas are related to everything in the world, be it a Graha, Rashi or Bhava. With the interplay of these Karakas and the Shubha or Krura yogas formed by them, the concerned matters in life should be judged. Therefore, the first and foremost step in studying Jyotish is to examine the Karakas. The Jyotish classical texts narrate several Karakas of the Grahas, Rashis and Bhavas; however, to apply them in real-life situations, we need to understand them clearly. I believe that this book provides a robust framework for understanding these Karakas

I will be truly grateful, if you purchase them, and let me know what you like and what you do not like in them. That will help me in improving them further. Also, appreciate if you could leave your rating and feedback on Amazon itself. That will help in gaining more visibility of my work.

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