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After narrating the Bālāriṣṭa yogas, Maharṣi Parāśara delineates the yogas that cause nullification to the Bālāriṣṭa yogas. While judging a Kuṇḍalī for the presence of any Bālāriṣṭa yogas, one must first judge the presence of these Ariṣṭabhaṅga yogas. Because, if the Ariṣṭabhaṅga yogas are present, then either the Bālāriṣṭa yogas…

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Pitṛśrāpāt Sutakṣaya Yoga

Can there be curse coming from one’s father? Why should a father curse a son? We can logically think that this occurs when the son either violates the principles laid down by the father, and his lineage to lead a Dharmic life (according to the lineage), or a child deserts…

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Sarpaśrāpa Sutakṣaya Yoga

A son is denied to a person due to curse of serpents, when there is affliction of Rāhu on the 5th house/ 5th lord/ Kāraka Bṛhaspati. Rāhu is the Kāraka of the serpents, and in Kuṇḍalinī, he lies dormant in the Mūlādhāra, denoted by Vṛścika Rāśi. Vṛścika Rāśi is owned…

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The role of Suṣumnā Nāḍī in Svarodaya Shastra

The Suṣumnā is the middle Nāḍī and is equated with the divine river Sarasvati, whereas Iḍā is Gaṅgā and Piṅgala is Yamuna. The meeting place of these three rivers is a Prayāga, which is a place of pilgrimage, a very divine place. Like the Sarasvati river, the Suṣumnā Nāḍī is…

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The role of Piṅgala Nāḍī in Svara Shastra

The Piṅgala Nāḍī is favourable for Krūrakarma, i.e., the work that requires force, fierceness, courage and heroism. The Ṣaṭkarma such as Maraṇa, Mohana, Stambhana, Vidveśana, Uccāṭana and Vaṣīkaraṇa are successful in this Nāḍī. One fulfils one’s passion in his Nāḍī, as that is short and quick. Therefore, sexual adventure with…

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The Role of Ida Nadi in Svara Shastra

Iḍā Nāḍī is Saumya as it is governed by Candra. Therefore, when the Candra Svara/ Left Nostril/ Iḍā Nāḍī is active, one should undertake work that is of lasting nature, and the benefit of that work is experienced over a long period. Generally, kinds of auspicious rites (Śubhakarma) is favourable…

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The question is in everyone’s mind, why did this highly infectious disease hit us in such an overwhelming proportion. It has been months, my wife had been pushing me to write my opinion about it, and the adjoining predictions. Everyone is thinking, how long this is going to last! …

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There are several rules to determine the death inflicting Dasa and Bhukti. Given here is one such rule, which gives specific results for one born in different Lagnas.

According to Jataka Parijata 14.64.,

  1. One born in Tula Lagna meets death in the Dasa-Bhukti of the 2nd lord.
  2. One born in…

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